Domain and it's usecase

Domain and it's usecase

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Why you need a domain ? and what is it ?

When referring to an Internet address, a domain or domain name is the location of a website. For example, the domain name "" points to the IP address "". Generally, it's easier to remember a name rather than a long string of numbers.

Domain exp.png

Why would you want a domain

  1. You want to make a Website : E-commerce store / Portfolio / Blog
  2. You want to expose your self hosted service to the public : Cloud-storage / media server
  3. You just want a email like anything@domainyoubought

Find your place online -Google

After you have bought your own domain you would be able to do all this

have a website just like mine where blog is sub-domain, that means you can have a dozen more like and your supporters / readers /viewers will be able to reach you via admin@Wakatechtips

So you interested ?

No ? Well this is when we say good bye 😔

Yes ? Let's jump in..

Buying your Domain

Go to and buy yourself a domain. and yes, they are "Paid" Sorry if you didn't knew earlier.

But remember this somethings on the interenet are worth paying for.

It's better to have a popular ending to your domain like .com / .tech / .net and if your content is strictly regional, then there's no shame going in something like .in / .ca etc

Make sure the domain aint too long, keep it short and yeah google knew it.. so the shorter the domain the costlier it gets.

Make it sound catchy, do your research

  1. Does somebody else has a similar domain ?
  2. Do you want them to take a crunch in your traffic ?
  3. Or do you want a piece of their pie ?
  4. Do you stand a chance ? [don't doubt yourself]

My Domain is, previously known as My community had a trouble remembering the domain, so I made a switch I made my username "Waka" my domain, which is liked by my community

Now going techtips, I knew i will lose some SEO points as Linus Tech Tips exists.

But still has originality in itself, it wasn't meant to compete against LTT. Waka is the cheerful guy, who always helped people whenever he could that's all i wanted to keep doing hence waka is here to stay. Plus the domian is now shorter so it's much more memorable & catchier, plus now I don't have to tell people the meaning of Wakarimasu 😁 that's a great burden off my chest.

Your own

Starting your first blog

Setting up E-mail Forwarding

Setting up custom domain on various sites