Open Source Wilderness

Open Source Wilderness

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Open Source software is Wild!

I use it for pretty much everything.

This article is here to introduce you to some of the amazing open source and free software out there, and available, for you to use today.

Bring your Compasses out, and let's go explore the land of open source

If you always forget the commands to your shell or cmd ? here take this, think of this as the water bottle along the way. []


Don't have macro keys ? wish your keyboard had a different layout ? well..

[] is here to save you

The ultimate automation scripting language for Windows.

Waka Tech Tip

Do you hate numlock ? always end up pressing it instead of "7" well now you can replace it with something useful, like opening up a certain program or a pressing a combination of keys at once, say good bye to accidental numlocks.

Windows store Sucks

Yes, we all know it.. it doesn't even have non-Metro apps in it. and lets be real, metro apps are ugh.. compared to vanilla versions. Take VLC for example.. it's like running the android version of the app πŸ˜…

Windows Universal Platform app version of vlc


So what do we do ? to have a store.. for vanilla apps ?

  1. winstall
  2. chocolatey

[] is what I personally like it has a charm to it

[] is great too, maybe you like this one more

Yes, you can have a mac experience


The thoughtful, capable, and ethical replacement for Windows and macOS

Yeah it looks MacOS like.. to a point one might believe it is one. Ever wanted that experience on your system well you can download this operating system today and get hands on with it's beauty. it's unlike any other linux distro out there in terms of feels and who knows you may leave windows for good

I really don't know why this is FREE


[] gives you the tools you need to make the best diagrams is an open source technology stack for building diagramming applications, and the world’s most widely used browser-based end-user diagramming software.

Start Archiving today


[] helps you create archives of your data, let's you save space so that you can store more and it's free and open source, get it today and start saving.



At this point you might have heard about this already, its a messenger there to replace your traditional WhatsApp and I have been using it since years and let me tell you it's good and I love it, it lacks in some ways compared to WhatsApp but people have always lost some shit over privacy.. well let's hope this is not the case going forward in the future, as signal's future looks brighter than ever hoping for more features to come soon. get it today and start safe chatting πŸ‘€

It has great VOIP and Video Chat Quality - Waka

Password manager


In 2021 you need it more than ever as data breaches go record high ever so often now. It's about time you stop using name@123 and use NoturName@34569 atleast and in case you can't remember all those password that's exactly why I am introducing you to [] It's hands down the best password manager out there, it's free and open source. just get it and start using it today.